Fall Family Shoots

Just when I thought we have gotten into a rhythm, we discovered that I am once again pregnant.  Although this pregnancy was a total surprise, we are very excited for new addition which will come in late May.  You may be wondering where I have been these few months, whether I have given up on my photography.  The answer is, no I have not, although I think photography is going to be put on hold for a while.

During the Fall, I booked 8 family sessions but I was able to make it through a handful of them.  My nausea was so bad at the beginning and I was drained of my energy.  I did what I could and I certainly learned a ton from these shoots.  I will now share with you some of the photos that I did and you can give me some constructive critiques.  Thanks so much for allowing me to take all these pictures and to have the valuable experience!

(Click on the picture to see a bigger image)

The Birkholtz – Truly a good looking family.  It was a really cold day but this family still pulled through!

The Rambos – These are good friend of ours and they are another good lucking family!  I took their photos the day after Daylight savings hour and I didn’t realize that’s why the sun went down so fast that day.  I managed to get only a few good shoots of them : (

The Manches – Again, I need to work on timing, when I got there, the sun was already going down.  A bunch of photographers had the same idea that day and it threw me off.  Lesson learned, expected the unexpected.  Some of my favorites are of the girls and the lovely backlighting.

The Moore Family.  Had so much fun shooting this family.   The boys were so excited to explore that day.

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