Glamour Photography – Self Portraits

Many people have been asking me what glamour photography is.  A few weeks ago I did another self portrait session, this time focusing on glamour photography using different poses that I wanted to try after being inspired by Sue Bryce and her seminar.  The purpose of the session is 1.  I wanted to see if I can mimic natural studio lighting in my own home  2.  I wanted to gain some experience doing studio portraits before I try it out on live models.  My conclusion?  I Love doing studio portrait photography!  Why?  Because I have ultimate control of the lighting, I don’t have cancelations due to the weather, and the models are dressed up and ready to let you pose them.  Here are the results, what do you think?

Samantha-portrait shoot-2

Samantha-portrait shoot-6 Samantha-portrait shoot-13 Samantha-portrait shoot-17

Samantha-portrait shoot-1

Samantha-portrait shoot-5

Samantha-portrait shoot-8

Samantha-portrait shoot-18



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