Farm, Hay, and Barn Shoot

I just did my first photo shoot for Fall this year of the Davis’s family.  I have to say that I was a little nervous about the shoot.  We had to cancel a few times due to sickness and weather and with each cancellation, I got more and more anxious.  After I looked through them, I came away with 55 photos that I considered to be good and about 10 that I really liked.

I was VERY glad the family loves the pictures and I had such a fun time doing the shoot.  The family showed up looking very cute in their coordinated outfits and I was very impressed.  To be honest, I think their outfits made the whole shoot so much more interesting.  The weather was perfect that day and the sunset was lovely and golden.  I was a little worried about the little one not cooperating but as it turned out, she was happy and cute the whole time!  Although she was constantly moving, I was able to catch her with a few good expressions because I shoot in continuous mode.

The family really love animals and it made the kids more relaxed and they had a great time.  Some of my favorites were of Leanna.  She was adorable and she wanted me to take her pictures individually.  I am so glad I did!

Things I wished I could’ve done differently is that I didn’t use my reflector and I want to kick myself for it.  I knew all about shadows but I thought it would’ve been ok since the sun wasn’t as harsh.  Another thing I could’ve done differently is that I wish I could’ve taken my time to shoot the family.  There were about four or five poses that I had planned out but had not gotten.  There were a few where I put them directly in front of the sun and of course there were harsh shadows on their faces. Overall, I really want to focus on the good.  I think that they were very happy with the photos and I think I am harder on myself then they are on me.  I really did have a fun time and I did come away learning a ton.

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