Glamour Photography

I stumbled upon the work of Sue Bryce lately and I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed.  She does fresh contemporary art that features ordinary women who were made to look like models in Vogue magazines.  What especially drew me is that she can transform any woman of any age and size and showcase them in a way that is simply stunning.

I have never thought much about glamour photography.  Before I would have thought that it is rather vain to focus so much on the external, while deep down inside me, there is a desire to be seen and admired by others.  I think if we are all honest, most of us have those yearnings.  I think this yearning comes from a desire to be seen, to be known, and to be noticed.  In a world that is so big, we can sometimes feel very ordinary, and plain.  Out of this vast vast world, only a few are known to be extraordinary and unique, to the rest of us, we are sometimes pushed aside and ignored.

I can relate to this, when I was a child I was quiet and reserved.  I was unnoticed and a wallflower.  I had opinions that were never heard, I had ideas that were not shared, and I feelings that were buried deep inside.  To this day, I struggle with envy for people that feel so free to express themselves, to sing and dance without reservations, to be freely seen and known by others.

The before and after photos are amazing!  When I look at the before shoots, I see people that are a little insecure, and even uncomfortable in their own skin.  If you look at the after shoots, these women are radiant and confident, what a BIG difference!  And I think this is precisely why Sue Bryce’s market is so attractive to many women.  Her business is not just about selling photos, it is about allowing women to be noticed, admired, and feel beautiful.  We may not all get to be the Jackie Kennedys or the Kate Middleton of the world, but maybe you can feel unique and beautiful….if you can afford her service.

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