Moms with Cameras

Black Acre Farm - Bartlett-27

Portrait photography seems to be an emerging venue for stay at home moms and I can certainly understand why.  I myself am a stay at home mom, wanting to bring in some money doing portraits.  With DSLR being so accessible these days, anyone can own a camera and operate their own business.  Photography is  flexible enough where you can make your own hours and do it at home.  The internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities to learn and develop photography skills, and this encourages people to start their own business.

I was reading something on a forum the other day and I came across a term that someone used, the term was, “moms with cameras.”  I clearly understood what the guy meant. He was referring to people like me, who own a DSLR and want to get paid to do photography, but are not very professional.  I wasn’t offended in any way, but the way he said it struck me as somewhat condescending.

I asked myself, “Do I fit in this category?”  I am a mom, with a camera, that wants to start a photography business.  But really, is there anything wrong with that?  My conclusion is no.  Everyone has to start somewhere and this is where I am.  I am not a young graduate who can take their camera and travel the world;  I do not have a photography degree and I certainly don’t understand all the technical stuff to photography, but does that mean I am not worthy to be called a “photographer”?  Who will you let determine whether or not you are one?

I’ve been so encouraged by those veterans that DO want to help newbies learn.  They can afford to do so because they have already established themselves and are confident in their work.  They are not worried about competition because they know that their work speaks for itself.  While photography is an emerging business, it is also an art.  Anyone can own a DSLR, but not everyone will be good at what they do.  I am determined to not be just a “mom with camera.”  To become a legitimate photographer, I am going to keep learning, keep being inspired, and keep working on my art.  I will not let someone tell me whether or not I am worthy but will let my work speak for itself.

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