Ways you can support a newbie photographer

I got really excited when I saw that I have 199 hits on my blog.  This is the first time I have written something that someone cared to look at, and that’s exciting!  Ok…maybe you are just passing by because you typed something on google and my blog came up, that’s ok and I welcome you anyway.

The truth is, I know not everyone cares that much about my photography.  Maybe you are just passing by cause you know me and you like to see what I’ve been up to. Either way, I feel like you are supporting me and my current endeavor.  Photography is a hard field to get into.  It is rather competitive and there are photographers of all different levels.  I am one in a million who have the same passion and the same idea.  Sometimes, I feel as though I am on a photography island.  I would really love to get out there and meet similar people who are as passionate about photography as I am.  If you know of any good photography community out there on the web, please let me know.

Today I want to write about how you can support a newbie photographer.  Maybe it’s also a shameless plug for myself as well but I sincerely think that we need to let people know how we can be supported.  For those of you who have friends and family that are trying to get into the photography business, here’s how you can help.

1.  Be encouraging.  Knowing that you read and see our stuff makes us feel loved.  Photographers put in a LOT of work after the shoot to edit the photos and put them up on their site.  It takes a lot of thinking power to write a blog and to share their work with you.  Sometimes, it is deeply personal.   Read it, enjoy it, and be encouraging when it is needed.

2.  Share with others about us.  The way photographers get their business out there is to have people blab about their work.  If you sincerely like someone’s work, tell others about it and share with your friends.

3.  Let a newbie photographer take your family pictures if they need practice shooting.  This will most likely take 2 hours of your time and you get to keep some nice portraits.

4.  If you normally give them gifts for Christmas or birthdays, give them something they can use toward gear.  Maybe a little cash? Even a little goes a long way.  I saved my gift cards from amazon and got myself a speed light, a tripod, and some reflectors.  My husband got me lightroom for mother’s day and I love it. Then again, I am really practical.

5.  Be forgiving of their annoying talking about photography.  Lately I live, eat, and breath photography.  Beside taking care of my children, and taking care of my household, I spend most of my time reading/learning/shooting/editing photos.  Another thing we have to do is to get the word out there that we are ALIVE.  In the process, we may have to bug some people into liking our page or following our site.  Just be understanding, it won’t last forever.

6.  Take new adventures and go explore different places.  My husband has been amazingly supportive.  He and I will drive to different locations to check out potential sites for shooting.  The kids come with as well.  In the meantime, we get to see so much of Louisville and it gives us something free to do.

Anyway, these are all the things I can think of.  I would love to hear how you would like to be supported or stories of how you’ve been encouraged.

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