Take Chances! Make Mistakes!

IMG_0181One of the shows my kids have been enjoying lately is the Magic School Bus.  One day my son came to me and said, “Mommy, take chances! make mistakes!”  I recognized it as one of the things  the teacher says to the kids all the time.  I burst out laughing since that statement came out of nowhere and was made with such gumption.  That statement was very much what I needed to hear at that time and it was like a breath of fresh air.

It took me a LONG time to put my photos up on a website.  I spent a few late nighters  agonizing over what is “good” photography and what is simply mediocre.  Then I would look and spy on other people’s photography blogs and see how their stuff compares to mine.  When I stumble upon really good photography, I would feel a little embarrass about my own photos.  Being a perfectionist and a semi timid person, I was worried about what other people think about my work.  After searching through folders and folders of pictures, I finally picked out a hodge podge of photos of my best work, re-edit them on lightroom and put them on my site.

It was fun looking through the photos again.  As I had to re-edit them, I had the chance to look closely at how it was taken and what I’ve could’ve done differently.  Photography is hard, I think many great photographers will tell you that they started out the same way and their work was not perfect from the start.  Learning a skill takes persistance and hard work.  I should not to be embarrass about my work but to use it as a marker as to how far I’ve come.  The phrase “every beginning is hard.” has been true for me.  I hope this will be a reminder that a mistake is not a failure but a chance to become something better.  Take out your camera and go take chances!  Make mistakes!

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