Waterfalls and the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC

Our family rented a vacation home in Ashville, NC this August and I decided to rent a lens to shoot waterfalls and the Biltmore Estate.  I rented a 24 – 70 Canon from lens Giant and it was surprisingly easy and affordable to do.  The camera was kind of heavy and awkward at first, something I wasn’t used to since I only have a 50mm, but it didn’t take me long to get use to it.  Let me just say that the lens was well worth $100 for the whole week.  I love the flexibility of the zoom and the pictures turned out pretty nice and sharp.  For those of you in Kentucky, I highly recommend visiting the Biltmore Estate.  If you like hikes, beautiful parks and gardens, and historic buildings, then you gotta visit.  My advice to you is to take your time and appreciate the beauty of this place.  There is a lot to do for free as well.  You can go wine tasting, take walks along the park and garden, visit the giant mansion, go to the zoo, sit and eat ice cream in a scenic place, visit the wood and silversmith, and of course, bring your camera!

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